Values and advantages

The main advantage Racmo Gestión offers compared to other companies in the industry is that it acts as sole interlocutor at all stages that constitute the management a portfolio of bad debt.

  • Amicable Recovery
  • Judicial Management
  • Procedural Representation

Our integrated management extends throughout the country, thanks to a team of professionals who operate with great flexibility in response to the current demands of outsourcing.

This opportunity to manage the debt claim, comprehensive and complete, offers the possibility of a budgetary adjustment for the benefit of the customer.

Racmo Gestión's primary value lies in the team of professionals at it's heart. We are adaptable, independent specialists in managing the claim of large companies debts, creatively examining all perspectives and exploring the options and possibilities offered by market situations. On a daily basis we respond to the legal, procedural and amicable recovery needs of our customers in the most effective ways possible, drawing on years of experience, cutting edge technology and intelligent collaboration. As we serve our clients, Racmo Gestión endeavors to highlight quality, independence, trust and specialization within the financial services industry.