The highest standards of quality, professionalism, efficiency and personalized customer service are hallmarks of Racmo Gestión. Our professionals, utilizing the most advanced and flexible technology available, can adapt to any environment, and we are able to tailor our approach to specific customer demands.

We are a young company but our employees possess valuable experience in the procedures of debt recovery, which enables us to achieve impressive success rates.

The comprehensive service we offer requires a high level of perseverance, commitment and efficiency. These attributes, in conjunction with our excellent in-house amicable and judicial recovery management team of lawyers, solicitors and specialized collection managers, distinguish us from our competitors.

Our professionals are the best qualified to offer you a wide range of services in the world of recovery, at all levels, in all regions and in all sectors.

At Racmo Gestión we understand that every client is unique, and our process begins  with a personalized analysis of each  portfolio in coordination with the customer, thus becoming aware of the special needs and demands of each individual case.

The security provided by the company makes it possible to achieve high levels of success in portfolios of non-performing loans, thanks to the careful and customized management in each stage of the arrears. Committed to effective representation for our clientele, we employ a proprietary solicitors, with a wide network of partners in all areas of Spain. This legal network distinguishes Racmo Gestión in the field of debt recovery. 

The staff of our on-site Racmo Contact Center are governed by the values of reliability, integration and flexibility during the course of each customized management process. Equipped with the latest technology and in direct contact with the legal staff, the contact center is a potent and effective tool for debt recovery. Racmo Gestión is ever-growing and dynamic, adding new professionals to our team - further boosting collection management activities. Quality, optimization of resources and efficiency characterize all activities and services of the company.